What MakerPoint, miniFactory and ARMOR Group will bring to the AM market in the Benelux region

Image via miniFactory

Partnerships between companies are definitely the best way to enable the development of additive manufacturing. MakerPoint, miniFactory and ARMOR Group illustrate it today.

The three companies signed a partnership to help advance additive manufacturing in the Benelux region. As part of this agreement, MakerPoint, a distributor based in the Netherlands is the official reseller of miniFactory industrial ultra-polymer 3D printers and KIMYA 3D materials manufactured by ARMOR Group. 

In other terms, ARMOR Group and miniFactory combine their respective knowledge of 3D printing solutions and materials to penetrate the Benelux region (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) with the help of Makerpoint. The AM market in the Benelux region might not be as developed as the neighbors of the German-speaking region, but companies have the advantage to foster the development of the technology at fast pace by covering the three countries at the same time, given the fact that the latter share some similarities at the business level.

On the other hand, it should be noted that ARMOR Group and miniFactory used to work together on several projects. Both companies developed extensive solutions to enable the compatibility between their respective products. Indeed, AM happens to be a cost-effective alternative to high material losses observed with traditional machining technologies. Therefore, combining the miniFactory Ultra 3D-printer (whose heated printing chamber might reach up to 250°C) with Kimya 3D materials might enable the production of strong and accurate parts for demanding applications.

As far as ARMOR Group is concerned, this partnership is a way to go beyond the simple offer of materials, as explained at Formnext to 3D ADEPT Media. “Both MakerPoint and miniFactory share our vision when it comes to creating added-value to industrial end users and printer manufacturers in the Additive Manufacturing industry. This business model, where close cooperation with all parties is involved [can only be fruitful for Armor Group], “says Erik Henstra, Business Development Manager Benelux & Nordics at ARMOR Group

3D printed Formula 1 lock nut made with the miniFactory Ultra 3D printer. Material is PEKK-A from Kimya – 3D materials by ARMOR.

On his side, Sander Smit, Director of MakerPoint shares his excitement with regards to this partnership: “We are proud of the confidence that miniFactory and Armor have in MakerPoint as official reseller of their products. We look forward to proposing this unique solution to our customers.

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