The commercial platform “3D Printing Solutions by Arkema”

Arkema marks a milestone in its 3D printing activities with the creation of a commercial platform dedicated to 3D printing materials.

Called “3D printing solutions by Arkema”, this platform will leverage a range of materials created in collaboration with other players of the industry. Furthermore, the platform will facilitate collaborations with existing and new customers, partners as well as equipment manufacturers. We will also assist to the development of new materials of the additive manufacturing industry.

Speaking about this launch, Thierry Le Hénaff, Chairman and CEO of Arkema declares:

Industry today needs flexibility, freedom of design, and product customization. With this commercial platform, Arkema will facilitate open communication and innovation across many product offerings and services, and will be in a position to support 3D printing market players as new applications are developed.”

Arkema’s offer of materials

Arkema specializes in 3D manufacturing technologies (photocuring, powder bed fusion, filament extrusion).

Its offering includes solutions in photocure resins and high-performance thermoplastic polymers. One can mention flagship brands such as N3xtDimension®resins, Rilsan® biosourced polyamides, and ultra-high performance Kepstan® PEKK polymers.

Lastly, new production capacities will be implemented for PEKK resins in the United States in 2018, photocure resins in China in 2019 and polyamide 11 biosourced resins in Asia in 2021.

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