Concept Laser marks a milestone for the additive manufacturing (AM) market

In this end of the year, Concept Laser brings good news to the AM market. Indeed the company will establish a new location for 3D metal printing in Lichtenfels and expands its activities in order to push forward the 3D printing market.

Image – courtesy of Concept Laser

GE and Concept Laser lay the foundation for a new facility in Lichtenfels

The 3D Campus will incorporate research and development along with production, service, and logistics.

Ilse Aigner – image via Concept Laser

With an investment of 105 million euros, the 40,000 square meters 3D campus will welcome about 500 employees. The future machine production capacity will be four times higher than today.

Ilse Aigner, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy, and Technology came to Lichtenfels for the celebrations: “The investment made by GE and Concept Laser is a clear statement of confidence in the location. It secures jobs and provides a vital boost to growth in the region. The 3D Campus will create a center for 3D metal printing that offers real added value for the whole of Bavaria. 3D printing is becoming more prevalent in almost all sectors because it allows lighter, more variable and more stable components to be produced using fewer resources. Additive Manufacturing therefore has an important role to play for Bavaria as a forward-looking industrial location.


Franz Herzog – Image- courtesy of Concept Laser

As for Frank Herzog, founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Concept Laser GmbH, he precises that this celebration is the next step in their growth strategy with today’s groundbreaking. In addition to the newly created jobs, Lichtenfels will become a global beacon for industrial 3D printing as the new GE center.”

The truth is that additive manufacturing is a transformative technology – part of the new world of advanced manufacturing. Combined with an entirely new approach to industrial design, additive can help transform businesses by improving their products, manufacturing operations and opening up entirely new business models.

The company announces the end of the works for 2019. This will certainly make Concept Laser’s Lichtenfels facility a global GE center for the production of 3D metal printing machines.

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