Alliances continue to be made between companies / manufacturers to enable the development of the 3D printing industry. The letter of intent signed by Concept Laser with Lauak, a French aerospace company illustrates it today.
This agreement implies that by investing in Concept Laser’s additive manufacturing machines, Lauak becomes a reference customer for the patented LaserCUSING technology for the company’s 3D metal printers.

Part certification at Lauak. Photo via

Back on Lauak’s expertise

For more than 40 years, the aerospace company has been building fuel tanks, Aft Pylon Fairing (APF), heat exchangers and cockpit layout.

With the advance of new technologies, it becomes necessary to establish a strategic plan for the future of aerospace manufacturing. Mikel Charritton, CEO of Lauak, confirms that:

We see the huge potential in additive manufacturing and we want to use this technology to complete and improve our current manufacturing processes, as well as the manufacture of new components for the aviation industry.

Aircraft assembly at Lauak. Photo via

What about the evolution of additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry?

Concept Laser and Lauak will show the progress of 3D technology during a showroom to existing and potential customers. The exhibition will demonstrate Concept Laser metal 3D printers and the M2 machine.

Frank Herzog, CEO of Concept Laser shares his feeling about this partnership:

“Lauak sees the potential of additive manufacturing and I’m delighted they’ve chosen Concept Laser equipment to help them on their journey. We will support them with equipment, processes and people to allow them to fulfil their objectives.”