Among the innovations that are currently being showcased in CES – Las Vegas, there is a  new 3D imager IRS238XC from pmdtechnologies and a 3D camera.

Developed bypmd and Infineon Technologies AG, the imager addresses the rapidly growing market for 3D depth sensing. Indeed, 3D Face authentication marks a milestone in the use of mobile devices. As for depth sensing in smartphones, the demand is significantly increasing since the launch of the iPhone X, which uses depth sensing technology for user facing applications like animojis or face authentication (FaceID).

pmd’s 3D depth sensing technology has the advantage of being integrated devices like smartphones, AR headsets, intelligent home devices or robots.

The ease of the camera module layout and integration has been significantly improved by integrating dedicated functions to support the laser class 1 compliance of 3D depth sensing camera modules. The integrated MIPI interface and integrated digital logic make it easy and convenient to operate the 3D camera module. The IRS238XC features in each pixel the Suppression of Background Illumination (SBI) circuitry, which enables robust outdoor depth sensing in full sunlight. Additionally the 38.000 pixels of the IRS238XC provide a higher resolution than any existing integrable 3D depth sensing chip and are tuned to work also at 940nm wavelength to further improve outdoor operation.

Last but not least, reference camera modules for the IRS238XC integrate a footprint of 12mm x 8mm, including imager, lens, IR emitter and all relevant circuitries and therefore are the smallest 3D camera modules available worldwide.

Having gained experience from shipping ToF chip products already since 2005 and from 2016 also in the consumer space for high numbers, we are happy to leverage the technology on the next level having a functional, highly-integrated new imager available at exactly the right point of time, as the market demand is increasing significantly,” says Dr. Bernd Buxbaum, CEO of pmdtechnologies ag.

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