If you have a slight interest in Food 3D printing, then byFlow is one of the companies you should keep on your radar. The company that has demonstrated that Food 3D printing is not only meant for aesthetics has just announced its latest patented technology.

In the past years, digital Food has gone through rapidly emerging stages. Both startups and Food Multinationals have embraced the developments of this new method of producing (personalised) Food. byFlow, since its launch in 2015, has established a global installed base of 3D Food Printing Technology at Food- and R&D Professionals, becoming a global expert in bringing practical and applicable solutions to the market. After successfully launching multiple innovations, like the Focus 3D Food Printer and online Design-platform byFlow Studio, the time has come for something new.

We first and foremost listened and observed the market. An important conclusion was that a lot of interest from our customers in 3D Food Printing Technology has been on (personalised) chocolate printing”- explains CTO & Co-Founder of byFlow, Floris Hoff. “We found out that this ingredient is one of the hardest to print with, since it is reliant to a precise tempering- and cooling process. At the same time, it is an exciting ingredient to combine with 3D Printing since the characteristics of the ingredient make almost any 3D Shape possible. I am excited to demonstrate that with our team of engineers, we succeeded in developing a technology that is capable of printing with the most complex ingredients, while at the same time delivering a system that anyone could use, anytime” – Floris adds.

This is just the beginning. It is in byFlow’s DNA to continuously research and develop 3D Printing Technology for (personalised) Food and with this latest innovation it is already accelerating various applications for the future. Building on its global customer base and experience as a technology leader, byFlow has already granted its patent in Europe, with America expected later this year.

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