BASF strengthens its international 3D printing market with a first investment in China

BASF is acknowledged among key manufacturers of materials in the additive manufacturing market. Only this year, the company has invested in 3D printing company Materialise and has acquired two other producers of materials.

The chemicals specialist is now going beyond the European borders and aims to develop its presence in China. BASF Venture has therefore chosen Prismlab as a first investment in China. Prismlab is a Shanghai-based provider of 3D printing processes and 3D printers and this investment of BASF will enable to accelerate its product development and innovation while developing this new market share.

What distinguished Prismlab from others:

Thanks to its patented 3D printing process, “Pixel Resolution Enhanced Technology”, based on SLA, Prismlab’s technology is capable to increase the printing resolution without compromising printing speed.

In order to increase the amount of energy brought into a pixel, Prismlab’s technology divides each pixel in the resin into several small sections, which can be cured individually by exposure to LCD light. This makes the energy input into each pixel significantly higher than similar processes that expose each pixel to light once. This allows comparatively large and stable components or numerous parts to be printed in the same production step. With the use of LCD light, it also reduces process costs. This advantage opens opportunities in the footwear and furniture industry.”

According to Markus Solibieda, Managing Director of BASF Venture Capital GmbH, Prismlab’s technology can produce components from various industries. The technology is mostly used in the medical sector to produce medical braces and anatomical models.

China is transforming from a manufacturing-driven to an innovation-driven economy. This investment in Prismlab reflects our commitment to further expanding our innovation capabilities in China, and BASF Venture Capital plays an important role in helping us identifying potential partners that lead us to success,” said Dr. Zheng Daqing, BASF’s Senior Vice President, Business and Market Development Greater China.

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