BASF acquires two 3D printing materials companies

BASF is expanding its 3D printing activities with the acquisition of two manufacturers of 3D printing materials. The specialist of chemistry is now the owner of all the shares of Advanc3D Materials GmbH in Hamburg and Setup Performance SAS in Lyon.

The company keeps evolving in various segments of the 3D printing industry and these acquisitions are a key driver of the type of formulations and products the company can offer the market. Remember last year when they acquired Innofil3D, it enables them to develop more plastic filaments for layer extrusion.

Today with these two new acquisitions, its portfolio will be more competitive with materials intended for powder bed fusion. “The portfolio complements our existing range, being perfectly suited to products such as polyamide 11, polyamide 12 and polypropylene,” says Dr. Dietmar Bender, Vice President Manufacturing & Technology at BNB.

Advanc3D Materials is acknowledged for its ground powder. As a reminder, in order to use it in a 3D printing production, it is recommended to add UV stabilizers and good free flow. As for Setup Performance, the company is actually Advanc3D’s contract manufacturer and development partner. They are acknowledged for their high efficiency and short development cycles for new products.

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