American Greetings to receive 3D imaging SaaS solution from Cappasity

e-commerce is one of the main sectors that will benefit from 3D technology. Indeed, the technology will facilitate e-shopping and will enable customers to see every facet of the product before purchasing.

American Greetings will experience the potential of 3D technology with Cappasity’s full-package 3D imaging SaaS. The Software licensing and services agreement will enable the creator of social expression products and e-greetings products to deliver 3D product merchandising.

Cappasity’s technology

Cappasity’s technology will change the way consumers shop for and interact with social expressions products online.

As a reminder, Cappasity offers a platform that enables to create, to embed and analyze 3D and AR/VR content. The company operates in a wide range of sectors including fashion to help companies feature their products using 3D technology.

The platform serves over one million views of 3D content per month. Its proprietary 3D streaming format allows users to load and browse products with a 360-degree view.

Cappasity’s strength lies in its unique combination of production software and SaaS platform that allows rapid creation and upload of hundreds or thousands of 3D product images per day – a process that would have previously taken hours or days, producing large files that wouldn’t play smoothly on most internet connections. This is a big milestone in the incorporation of 3D content for large e-commerce sites.

Replicating the traditional shopping experience for greeting cards online is challenging with the current merchandising tools available,” said Rob Matousek, GM – Direct to Consumer e-commerce at American Greetings. “The Cappasity technology will help consumers see and appreciate the creative design and quality craftsmanship of our products when shopping for greeting cards on

Cappasity technology definitely brings new value to online greeting card merchandising. Indeed, product features frequently present on greeting cards such as glitter, foil, embossing, and other attachments can be difficult to appreciate with traditional, flat photography.

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