We have recently highlighted a great number of European 3D printing companies that expand their operations in the US market: Mass Portal, Aconity3D or even Wacker Chemie AG are a few examples. However, even if the balance is not equitable, it should be noted that some American 3D printing companies also find a great interest in the European market.

3D ExchangeNet (3DX) will now provide the European market with its services via the opening of an office in London. The company gathers a community of 3D printing companies (leading companies as well as startups, SMEs, service providers and educators) that aim to provide access to growth capital, M&A services and industry resources.

According to 3DX CEO Tim Mueller, their “expansion into the European market was predicated by the sheer number of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology firms emerging from the U.K., Ireland, Germany and France.

Furthermore, the European Commission continues to foster the advancement of additive manufacturing through the funding of Digital Innovation Hubs. 3DX will work to identify equity investors and M&A buyers for European-based digital manufacturing businesses.

Through its partnerships, 3DX is able to extend offerings beyond mergers & acquisitions.

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