Additive Manufacturing Software Company Oqton Expands its Offering in Altair Partner Alliance 

heat exchanger via Oqton

Additive Manufacturing software provider Oqton it is expanding the offerings it provides through the Altair Partner Alliance. With the addition of 3DXpert and 3DXpert DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing), Oqton will further help manufacturers enhance efficiency by intelligently automating production.

Launched by Altair, a multinational information technology company known for its expertise in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), the Altair Partner Alliance is a platform that enhances simulation, improves engineering, and optimizes design through 65+ products from third party solutions. Another software company of the AM industry that joined this platform is Elise.

In this specific case, the all-in-one software from Oqton for industrial additive manufacturing will enable Altair’s customers to prepare, optimize, and 3D print high-quality parts in record time by streamlining the workflow from design to printing.

3DXpert is manufacturing software, built on a CAD Kernel, but handles implicit representations, as well as mesh and voxel data,” said Myriam Mouyal, vice president of strategic relationships, Altair. “This allows for a frictionless implementation in any kind of AM design and production process. We’re happy to expand our partnership with Oqton, enabling APA users to reduce their print failure rates with parametric build preparation, and integrated process simulation.”

3DXpert is widely recognized for its ability to help users quickly and efficiently transition from a 3D CAD model to a high-quality, production-grade 3D-printed part. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing CAD/CAM workflows because of its advanced solid modeling capabilities. This enables Altair’s customers to quickly realize the benefits offered by the software including:

  • Build Preparation: Completing the additive print process in a true CAD environment, with seamless use of multiple types of geometry definitions, enables feature recording and repeatability throughout the necessary build preparation decisions.
  • Optimized design structures: 3DXpert’s unique DfAM features allow the user to create lightweight parts with enhanced functional properties reducing the amount of material needed as well as printing time. This facilitates faster time to part which translates to a competitive advantage for Altair’s customers.
  • Minimized manufacturing costs: Integrated structure and thermal simulation in the design environment provides fault prediction for the entire manufacturing process, and allows part compensation and build corrections to be applied easily before sending parts to print. As a result, Altair’s customers can minimize costly, time-consuming tryouts which enables a repeatable and accurate manufacturing process with lower cost and time.
  • Expedited design-to-manufacturing: With 3DXpert, users can create slice files for different production-grade 3D printers directly from their design models and assign optimal print strategies to different zones, including the use of variable thickness and laser parameters, and support-less printing.

3DXpert provides a host of advantages that enable companies to innovate, improve efficiencies and lower costs when designing AM applications,” said Roy Sterenthal, vice president of software, Oqton. “The software maintains the integrity of native CAD files which reduces the opportunity for errors often seen with STL data. Additionally, it adds capabilities to work with implicit modeling and conformal lattice structures that rely on mathematical functions to design extremely complex geometries, enabling users to create novel parts not possible with traditional technologies. We’re excited about bringing 3DXpert and 3DXpert DfAM directly to Altair’s customers, helping them enhance their workflows and accelerate innovation.”

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