A century after the Bauhaus movement was created, Aectual, using its 3D printing platform collaborated with DUS architects for the creation of a novel Tiny Bauhaus building.

In a nutshell, “the Bauhaus movement began in 1919 when Walter Gropius founded a school with a vision of bridging the gap between art and industry by combining crafts and fine arts. Prior to the Bauhaus movement, fine arts such as architecture and design were held in higher esteem than craftsmanship (i.e., painting, woodworking, etc.), but Gropius asserted that all crafts, including art, architecture and geometric design, could be brought together and mass-produced.”

The Tiny Bauhaus building features mass-customization building techniques. Both teams wanted to portray the spirit of Bauhaus into the 21st century. Dus Architects took in charge the design. The team explains that the design of canopies, seating and shelving has been made taking into account the design and fabrication-process. Furthermore, they seem to ‘grow’ from the walls; that’s why, installation is fast, easy and error free.

As far as materials are concerned, they used recycled bio-plastics. The latter were added to the existing palette of glass, stone and wood. Luckily for them, such type of material can easily adapt to any color, appear in many textures and is fully recyclable. Moreover, it should be noted that Aectual always designs and produces its architectural projects with sustainability in mind. Its latest project, a 3D Printed pattern floor is another striking example.

In this construction, the company also integrated fully customizable 3D printed architectural elements that are both affordable and produced on-demand. The Aectual software platform makes it easy to design and engineer the entire project, enabling a fruitful collaboration between architect, manufacturer and client, in line with the Bauhaus spirit.

Bauhaus led to the modernization of architecture, standardization and mass- production, and now we enter a new era, offering tailor-made mass-production states Hans Vermeulen, CEO of Aectual. “We empower architects, such as studio DUS, to create truly bespoke designs”.

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