Patricia Urquiola designs a 320m2 unique pattern floor with Aectual’s 3D printed flooring technology

Designer Patricia Urquiola is currently impressing people at the exhibition “Progressive Luxury meets Creative Excellence” that has opened at BMW Welt Munich. Inpired by Northern Lights, she features a 320m2 unique pattern floor designed with the 3D printing techniques of Aectual.

Faithful readers of 3D Adept Media should know Aectual as the architecture firm that developed a 3D printing technology to print floors out of bio-based plastics. The company combines sustainable production with endless design possibilities.

Back to BMW Welt Munich…

The exhibition is acknowledged for featuring creative design. “Coincidentally or not, the exhibition theme “Progressive Luxury meets Creative Excellence” perfectly fits Aectuals vision for the future, where unique building products are 3D printed in a sustainable manner, perfectly customized to any personal taste. Next to 3D printed flooring, Aectuals robotic print technology already offers fully 3D printed interiors, facades and even small homes.”

To showcase the BMW 7 Series, the BMW X7, as well as the 8 Series line-up, Patricia Urquiola created an atypical interior setting using her signature furniture, iridescent steel curtains and Aectual 3D printed flooring.

To fabricate the 320 m2 floor, she designed a bespoke wavy white pattern, with a dark green and white marble terrazzo infill.

Lastly, today Aectual can even customize artwork terrazzo in any design on large surfaces, where each square meter is unique.


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