5 things we should know about the 3D printing metal market

Metal 3D printing is one of the most used attractive solutions in the 3D printing industry. This market is constantly analyzed in order to predict its outcomes. Following a few market researches such as the one of IDTechEX and the recently released report of Infoholic research, let’s point out a few trends of this market:

1.There are 3 main types of metal type: precious metals, commodity metals and alloys. The 3D printing metal market is always analyzed based on these types.

2. Metal 3D printing is mainly used in aerospace & OEM manufacturers, automotive, healthcare and consumer products due to better available metal sintering technology such as Direct Metal Laser Sintering. However, the aerospace & defense segment (focused on customization) is the leading segment for 3D printing metal demand.

3. There will be an increased demand for tooling, machining, and rapid prototyping of metals as well as metal polymer mix. Furthermore, it should be noted that metal polymer mix will add characteristic agility toward functional part manufacturing.

4. The most used materials in manufacturing processes are titanium, aluminum, steel, and alloys. Titanium and steel for instance are mostly intended for aerospace and automotive industries.

Boeing and Norsk Titanium’s structural titanium part

5. North America dominates the 3D printing metals market currently, while Europe and Asia Pacific are following them. And if you wonder what might cause that, it is the affordability limitations posed by the premium pricing associated with 3D printing technology. However, Asia’s growth would be very high during the forecast period (2016-2022) with increasing adaptation while underdeveloped countries would witness higher penetration giving a boost to the 3D printing metal materials market.

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