3DGence launches flexible materials for its industrial 3D Printer

3DGence has expanded its material portfolio for its industrial 3D Printer F340. The flexible materials will complete the current material base that already includes engineering soluble materials. More importantly, the Flexfill 98A is a flexible filament that can also be 3D printed using the recent released soluble material – ESM 10.

The increasing use of flexible materials in the industry

Flexible materials are increasingly used for a wide variety of prototyping, functional testing and low volume production applications. Manufacturers and producers of the industry such as 3D Systems, Evonik and voxeljet have launched flexible materials in order to meet the demand of various customers.

3DGence’s Flexfill 98A distinguishes itself from others of the same range by its high abrasion resistance and tensile strength characteristics. These characteristics therefore facilitate the printing process of loaded parts including seals or parts that require frequent bending.

Printouts made with Flexfill 98A could be supported with the ESM-10 soluble material, which can be washed out. This enables us to obtain even the most complex geometries”, says Mikołaj Skorupa, 3D Printing Application Engineer, 3DGence.

Moreover, it should be noted that 3DGence’s materials development is made possible thanks to a 3D modular system integrated in their 3D Printer. The Polish manufacturer therefore is sparing to industrials to but a new machine every time there is a significant advancement in their materials portfolio. They will simply need to replace the module according to the required material.

There are not so many industrial 3D printers capable of printing simultaneously with engineering materials such as ABS, fiber-reinforced polyamides or PC and now also with TPU. 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is an exception on the market due to its versatility.  Thanks to the use of a direct system, this 3D printer can handle both stiff and flexible materials. Cooperation with Fillamentum enabled 3DGence to expand its offer with Flexfill 98A. – says Mateusz Sidorowicz, Marketing Director at 3DGence.

3DGence has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. We have already witnessed significant advancements that enable the company to go beyond their borders and proudly save a seat at the international table.

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