As part of its Next100strategy, French company Visiativ raises € 15 million.

Recently named as a new partner of HP, Visiativ is also one of the main suppliers of 3D software SolidWorks and developer of the moovapps collaborative platform.

Through this platform, the company plays the role of developer and service provide to SMEs. This service is often associated to the one of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience Platform to handle 3D design, technical documents or automate processes.

€ 15 million to improve a growth strategy

While improving its profitability, the company intends to double its size and realizes revenues of €200 ($237) million by 2020.

Furthermore, according to information given by the company, if the extension clause for the rights issue is applied, then il will be possible to raise up to €17.3 (20.5) million.


Last, Laurent Fiard and Christian Donzel, Visiativ’s founders, created Alliativ whose goal is to enable Visiativ’s managers and close investors to support the Next100 strategy.


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