Who are HP’s new 3D printing partners in France?

VISIATIV and DECIP join the family of distributors of HP’s 3D Printing division. The developer and provider of hardware components, software and related services reaffirms its ambitions in the world of industrial production.

Accredited “Revendeurs HP 3D Printing” since the end of October, our two distributors have already started to commercialize HP’s 3D Printing technologies.


Known as the distributor of Dassault Systèmes solutions, this distributor will primarily market workstations in France whereas abroad, its activity is focused on the digital transformation of companies.


It is the reference for the sale of machine tools in Molière’s country. This distributor is recognized for its premium customer service on high-quality industrial machines.

The two distributors in HP’s network?

It goes without saying that if their expertise and existing activities are recognized, behind these two companies, there are an organization and teams dedicated to the 3D printing industry.

With KREOS and MULTISTATION, two accredited resellers of HP , they will provide sales and services of HP MultiJet Fusion solutions (installation, training, maintenance) in the whole country.

[VISIATIV and DECIP reinforce HP’s development in 3D industrial printing in France and confirm our strong ambitions in the world of industrial production. We continue to surround ourselves with recognized experts in additive manufacturing, but also CAD and PLM solutions on the one hand and machine tool solutions on the other hand.], says Pierre-Victor Sabatier, Head of HP 3D network of partners in France.

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