3D Printed Low Bay helps Signify transform the indoor, decorative lighting market while contributing to a circular economy

3d printed lowbay-flower-shop - image via Signify

With the goal of setting a new standard for the decorative lighting market, Signify, an expert in lighting, decided to leverage 3D printing. The twofold benefit behind this initiative is that not only can the company tailor its solutions so that the luminaires fit every project, but it also contributes to a circular economy.

Indeed, as we saw with Gantri or the Limelite project, with 3D printing, the manufacturing process minimizes waste and removes traditional mold and cast tools. Interestingly, in compliance with the Buy American Act, their US-based 3D Printing Factory, located in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, prints and distributes all 3D printed luminaires domestically. This cuts out overseas production and shipping, effectively reducing their carbon emissions.

The solution brought to the market by the Signify team is therefore a 3D printed Low Bay; a solution that can fulfill just about any application, from retail and hospitality to office spaces. It is an integrated solution with a built-in LED light engine, so the user can maximize energy efficiency, as well as utilize lighting control systems, which include the company’s “Interact” products.

As the 3D printed luminaires are produced on an industrial scale, the lighting manufacturer can ensure other advantages to its customers:

  • Customizable Decorative Styles for those who would like a certain colour and/or texture. The outer shade can be printed in 18 different colors and six textures. The customer can choose the finishing option whether he wants an opaque, metallic or translucent finish. The inner part of the shade can be customized, too. In this case, the customer can choose from seven different colours and three unique, detailed inner reflector designs to achieve a creative vision.
  •  Lighting Output Options: The integrated LED light engine can be customized as well. “Choose from 1000 to 7500 lumens, with color temperatures between 2700K to 4000K, and 90 CRI. The light engine is also available with 0-10 volt dimming, making it the perfect lighting solution to create any interior mood or complement your aesthetic”, the company notes.
  • Installation Flexibility. According to Signify, it is easy to install their 3D Printed Low Bay. The housing’s light weight and range of lumens allows for it to be mounted at a variety of heights, making it a flexible option for any type of space.  

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