“We built a next-generation factory that uses cutting-edge 3D printing technology to produce luxury-quality products without industrial inefficiencies” said Gantri on its website.

California-based lamp manufacturer Gantri has unveiled its own 3D printer to achieve sustainable production. The newly-launched desktop 3D printer wears a funny name, Dancer and is based on FDM 3D printing technology.

Designed for consumer goods, the company said it removes industrial manufacturing inefficiencies such as tooling and waste materials. Furthermore, it can deliver small batch of ready-to-commercialize products.

Gantri fundamentally believes in 3D printing for the home goods market. According to the manufacturer, traditional manufacturing cannot cope with the consumer’s continuously changing tastes. On the other hand, industrial AM systems are too expensive and labor intensive.

“As a design manufacturer, we knew that the only way for us to manufacture using 3D printing was to build our own machine — one capable of achieving industrial quality and efficiency, while retaining the flexibility of 3D printing. That’s how the Dancer Project was born”, said the company.

Why the FDM technology?

The reason of producing a 3D printer is simple: Gantri is already well acquainted with a wide range of materials which include PLA Materials that they offer. So, that’s why they did not want to change for another technology – at least for now.

Dancer is as brilliant as she is beautiful. We took everything we learned in the past 2 years of 3D printing finished goods and used it to improve flexibility and workflow. Large build volume? Check. Complete front access? Check. Connectivity? Check. We even designed Dancer to be made from 60% 3D printed parts for easy maintenance!”

And now?

Well, the 3D Printer is not meant for commercialization – at least for now. It simply belongs to the manufacturer’s factory.

Starting in November 2019, the company’s current fleet of printers will be replaced by Dancer. The company’s designers will create larger products with fewer parts, and reduce lead time for their customers.

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