Three days to design and 3D print LimeLite’s lamps

3D Printing on demand remains one of the most interesting tasks one can perform using this technology as every production is unique, and can raise new and exciting challenges. Zortrax shares an interesting use case carried out by LimeLite.

LimeLite is an Australian lighting producer that makes use of 3D printing technology to prototype and fabricate lamps. In addition to its regular range, the company also supplies tailor-made lamps based on its clients needs.

After discovering 3D printing during a seminar, the company calls for the help of 3D printing specialist Nigel Brockbank to implement this technique in its production processes.

Today, they prototype and now manufacture two of its lighting collections using 3D printers. It has a farm of 25 Zortrax printers, along with a handful of other devices.

By using a 3D printer, a lamp can be ready within just three days, rather than weeks. Having its own printers allows the company to prototype, test, adjust and manufacture lamps using the same set of tools. After that, the lamps are ready for use, without fiddly post-processing, screws or glue.

Brockbank said he chose the Zortrax brand because he has worked with a range of 3D printing technologies for over a decade. “I have worked at university level and taught students to build 3D printers. In my previous role, I worked with Zortrax products and know how robust they are. They are a great little workhorse, easy to maintain and easy to operate, so that other people can take responsibility for the production process. I am going to distribute some of those responsibilities soon, which Zortrax allows me to do”, he adds.


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