Zortrax launches Biocompatible Resins for Dentistry and Prosthetics industries

Polish manufacturer of professional 3D Printers Zortrax unveils today biocompatible resins intended for the medical industry. The first thing that came to our mind when we read this announcement was Inkspire, the manufacturer’s first resin printer. The manufacturer had announced that professionals in architecture, jewelry or medicine industries could easily benefit from the capacities of the 3D Printer but until today, nothing had been precised regarding the materials designed for each of these industries.

The 3D Printer relies on a high-resolution LCD screen with UV LED backlighting
to cure photopolymers layer by layer. With the launch of the resins Raydent Crown & Bridge, Zortrax is giving new possibilities to professionals who can print temporary crowns and bridges or 3D Printed surgical guides.

Raydent Surgical Guide is intended for 3D printing precise prosthetic surgical guides. Class I biocompatibility makes it safe for transient contact with human tissue, which is enough to carry out procedures commonly performed in modern dentistry. Surgical guides made of this resin are translucent to ensure excellent visibility. High dimensional accuracy guarantees precise placement
of implants or guidance for tools used by a dentist. Low viscosity and water resistance, on the other hand, make the 3D printed guides easy to wash.

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