XtreeE is preparing a network of connected 3D printing units for construction – extends its operations in Dubaï

XtreeE, the French company that specializes in large-scale 3D printing for construction is making more positive strides at the international stage. The specialist of 3D printing dedicated to construction has launched a new production unit in Dubaï. The plant of Concreative, XtreeE’s partner in the region will be used to process the company’s technology.

Concreative – XtreeE

When we met XtreeE’s founder in 2018, Alban Mallet makes it clear that the company aims at delivering “3D printing as a service for the architecture, engineering and construction industries”. In the august issue of 3D ADEPT Mag, the founder, outlined the current issues of this innovative technology with regards to regulations. However, just like other companies of this field, he considered the potential to exploit the technology worldwide.

This second production unit in Dubaï is certainly the first step in this strategy. The company will connect over 50 3D printing units by 2025 and is already planning the opening of two other units in Asia.

Furthermore, after two funding rounds and the investment of Vinci Construction and Shibumi International, a fully-owned venture fund of Gülermak Heavy Industries and engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti, XtreeE has validated its ideal business model based on the deployment of a global network of connected 3D printing units. In 2020, the “XtreeE Printing as a Service” digital platform will be ready to connect its customers to a community of designers (architects, product designers, and engineers) and 3D printers.

XtreeE is definitely part of these companies that are offering the architecture & construction industry a new approach to a fast and better-quality construction. So far, the advantages of this innovative technology have never been questioned. Only money remains the big challenge for users of this technology.

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