XEV, an automotive company founded in 2018, continues to provide users with environmental-friendly urban mobility solutions. The company has recently unveiled its new YOYO model which will be simultaneously launched in Italy, Germany, France, and Spain, with deliveries scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023.

With a starting price set at €16,990 (excluding subsidies), YOYO combines technology, aesthetics and practicality. The new model features a playful geometric body design, intelligent frameless windows rarely seen in the same class, three-dimensional LED lights that complement each other at the front and rear, as well as a panoramic anti-UV glass roof.

As far as energy is concerned, the new model comes with a battery swapping process that “can be completed in just 3 minutes”. When the vehicle needs to recharge, users can visit XEV’s battery swapping station. By extracting three lightweight cartridge-style battery packs from the rear battery compartment and exchanging them with pre-charged batteries in the swapping cabinet, users can seamlessly continue their journey.

Additionally, XEV has partnered with ENI, a European energy giant, to deploy and operate battery swapping networks across Europe, allowing users to recharge at ENI gas stations. Leveraging ENI’s network, XEV has already established over 30 stations in five cities in Italy, including Turin, Bologna, Milan, Florence and Rome, proving to be highly popular among users. With the launch of YOYO in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and other countries, XEV’s battery swapping network will also expand simultaneously, providing users with a more convenient urban travel experience.

The car is launched alongside Xpression, a 3D printing customization service the company now offers its users. YOYO blade can be easily replaced according to users’ preferences, enhancing the distinctiveness and individuality of the best urban travel companion.

Currently, the Xpression service offers 42 personalized YOYO blade options for users to choose from, collaborating with the New York-based emerging online art platform UAAD. Each of these blades can be produced using 3D printing. Artists from around the world will continuously provide users with trendy, fun and stylish options, offering a fresh, delightful and unique experience, making urban travel more enjoyable.

The new service reminds me of MINI Yours Customised, a 3D printing customization service launched by MINI in 2018 and which closed shop three years later for unknown reasons. Our guess was that given the expensive price of cars, the service was not appealing enough to customers. I hope Xpression will have a different story.

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