Wi3DP Next Gen announces ‘Meet the Stars of 3D Printing: Automotive Edition’ Virtual Event


Women in 3D Printing Next Gen announces its next Meet the Stars of 3D Printing’ virtual event dedicated to the automotive industry. The announcement follows a previous “Aerospace Edition” virtual event that featured young women from Airbus, NASA, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman.

As a reminder, Wi3DP Next Gen is a subsidiary of Women in 3D Printing that aims at highlighting career opportunities in the 3D printing industry and bridge the gap between academia and industry with a supportive professional network.

Like the previous dedicated events, this “Automotive Edition” will feature an all-female panel of speakers, this time from GM, Ford, Divergent, and Stratasys with special TV host guests from Girl Gang Garage, taking place virtually on April 20th, 2021 from 7-9 pm EST.

We want to enable the next generation of the 3D printing workforce to understand the applications, opportunities, and challenges awaiting for them if they decide to take a step into this direction,” shares Maddie Frank, a leader at Women in 3D Printing Next Gen, the Wi3DP Next Gen Girl Gang Garage leader, and the moderator for this event.

 In a press communication, the team at Wi3DP Next Gen reveals that this virtual event will discuss the panellists’ journey in the 3D printing industry by highlighting different use cases for prototyping, tooling, or production.

Given the increasing number of sectors that explore the ‘right to repair’, the presence of the founders at Girl Gang Garage aims to provide a clear state of the art of the reality on the ground.  In 2019, Girl Gang Garage debuted the HighYellow56 truck for the SEMA show with talented ladies across the world.

During this event, they will share their perspectives around car restoration and refurbishment – and the potential 3D printing can have to enable such capabilities.

From an education standpoint, we also want to make sure girls and boys have access to the same type of learning, content, and opportunities. That way, in the future our next gen can make the right choices. By empowering girls and women early on, we also form a network of future team members,” shares Nora Touré, founder of Women in 3D Printing. “We talked about the importance of collaboration. Collaborations are important in all sets of job or work sectors, not just with what we do. We want to put them all out there to enable that too.”

‘Meet the Stars of 3D Printing: Automotive Edition’ will feature 3D Printing Experts:

  • Malini Dusey, Additive Manufacturing at General Motors
  • Kadie Hartman, Performance Engineer at Ford
  • Allyson Abel, Applications Engineer at Stratasys
  • Taylor Doty, Senior Additive Manufacturing Production Manager at Divergent

With 2 Special Guests from Girl Gang Garage:

  • Bogi Lateiner, Founder and Co-owner at Girl Gang Garage
  • Shawnda Williams,Co-Owner, Creative Business Strategy & Retail Operations at Girl Gang Garage – and Sr. Manager of User Experience at General Dynamics Mission Systems

  • Meet the Stars of 3D Printing: Automotive Edition – brought to you by Wi3DP Next Gen
  • Save the Date: April 20th, 2021 from 7 – 9pm EST
  • Register here: https://tinyurl.com/wi3dp-auto

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