Day 2 at IN(3D)USTRY. Miquel Serrano, president and director of the exhibition, along with his team, officially welcomed the media partners of the event. It was an opportunity for him to present the show, its key figures as well as leading companies of the additive manufacturing industry. A nice way to debut this second day of the fair.

As we already pointed out yesterday during our first look at the show, IN(3D)USTRY is being held as part of the “Barcelona Industry Week”, with other events dedicated to new technologies.

For Miquel Serrano, “it’s more than a strategy”

Integrating IN(3D)USTRY into the events of the Barcelona Industry Week is much more than a strategy. The reality is that, the healthcare industry remains one of the main applications of additive manufacturing – in addition to automotive, aerospace and other sectors, of course. Nothing is more valuable to man than Health, right?

So Fira Barcelona, the organizer of these fairs, asked itself: “As health professionals are also the main users of all these technologies, why not bring manufacturers and suppliers together in one place at the same time? Let’s bring them together and see what happens.”

In addition, “professionals, innovators and patients/citizens are “at the same level”. We believe that dialogue between these three stakeholders is essential to foster not only the development of the industry but also to improve care,” explains Miquel.

This is how IN(3D)USTRY was integrated into the other events of the Barcelona Industry Week. Moreover, the fact is more highlighted for AM companies, but event companies, like any other company, must also innovate. And giving all companies active in new technologies the opportunity to meet in a single place at the same time, and the users of their products and services the opportunity to have an overall view of all these sectors of the industry is a challenge that IN(3D)USTRY has successfully met.

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