IN(3D)USTRY officially has opened its doors today. For three years now, this show has been held as part of the “Barcelona Industry Week“, a series of events that took place at the same time in order to provide an overall vision of the industry of the future. Other events include: HEALTHIO and IOT Solutions World Congress.

This first day was like a first day back to school, a day during which all visitors were excited to discover things they didn’t yet know. Companies that mainly offer health and services related products are on one side, whereas those that supply additive manufacturing services are on another side. The different booths are separated by conference halls and company innovations.

In addition to the institutional inauguration of the “Industry Week“, this first day was marked by conferences dedicated to 3 main sectors: industry 4.0, automotive and healthcare.

One specific theme aroused the interest of a large number of participants: “Mobility Goes Additive“.

“Mobility goes additive”

“Mobility Goes Additive” is a network of over 80 companies, institutions and research institutes that aim to overcome the challenges of additive manufacturing together. In the long run, these companies aim to manufacture parts in series using additive manufacturing. In other terms, “to realize and secure the same high-quality demands over longer periods of time with different machines.”

That’s why they have brought together members of their teams to discuss and look for solutions to the challenges of additive manufacturing: certification issues, digital supply chain, education, sustainability, regulation and materials.

Deutsche Bahn, the German public transport company, was part of the Industrial AM panel today. Represented by TINA SCHLINGMANN, an expert in additive manufacturing, the company highlighted the importance of 3D printing for the AM of spare parts. It should be noted that the company has already integrated additive manufacturing in a great number of projects. However, Tina explained today that the company is committed to developing a new standard for the qualification of providers of 3D printing services. This new standard will take into account the adoption of relevant materials for railways by service providers.

AMable, a European project whose aim is to foster the development of AM by SMEs

What is exciting about exhibitions is the opportunity to meet new companies of the industry.

Still in this network spirit, we met AMable at IN(3D)USTRY today. AMable is a project funded by the European Union’s horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. It aims to support companies in their adoption of AM technologies.

In order to better serve SMEs, the network brings together the main technology centres located across the EU, and supports them in the development of their ideas: from the concept stage, the construct and print stages to post-production phases.

At the end of this day, one word can be kept in mind: “collective”- In the sense that this first day really highlights the collective effort of companies and institutions to develop and/or encourage the adoption of additive manufacturing in all sectors of activity.

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