Lightweight CoroMill 390 additive manufacturing Silent tools assembly

Once additively manufactured, Lightweight CoroMill® 390 reduces vibration in long-overhang milling

A number of metal-cutting applications requires long-reach face milling, deep shoulder and side milling, cavity milling, and slot milling. It is a true challenge for industrials to manufacture a cutter that can reduce vibrations while increasing security in such type of applications; in other words, productivity.

Sandvik Coromant, a specialist in cutting tool and tooling system, additively manufactured a lightweight CoroMill 390, which has been able to deliver the expected benefits.

The company used titanium alloy to produce their new lightweight CoroMill 390.  “When designing our new lightweight CoroMill 390, material has been tactically removed to create the optimal cutter design for minimizing mass,” explains Thomas Wikgren, Manager Product Application Management, Sandvik Coromant. “This is called topological optimization and it makes the cutter more compact and significantly lighter than a conventional version, thus helping machine shops to boost the productivity of their long-overhang milling operations. Moreover, a shorter distance between the damper in the adaptor and the cutting edge improves performance and process security.”

Improving milling applications using additive manufacturing

CoroMill 390 AM action photo with Silent Tools, bottom camera view

Milling with long overhangs is a common requirement in components used by the aerospace and oil and gas sectors.

Those parts integrate features such as deep cavities that can be compromised by vibration, leading to slower production, shorter tool life and poor surface finish.

By combining the new lightweight CoroMill 390 with Silent Tools™ milling adaptors, professionals can reduce vibration to help maximize productivity and process security in demanding applications involving long overhangs; not to mention that the CoroMill 390 concept delivers light cutting action for a smooth cutting performance.

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