Metal 3D printer of SUN METALON - Image: Courtesy SUN METALON

The company has raised in total approximately US$9.7M, the latest round being $2 million in pre-series A funding

SUN METALON, a company headquartered in Japan, has been developing a metal AM technology capable of producing up to twenty parts per day at 98% density.

The company also produces its own metal powder from ores, which it believes will help drive the adoption of metal AM globally and give better access to domestic metal material supplies.

“Localized Sourcing: Nowadays, iron ore is melted in blast furnaces of large steel mills to produce iron. Imagine a world in which it is possible to create the necessary metal parts using materials available on the spot. SUN METALON has conducted proof-of-concept tests that have led to the successful conversion of 95% of iron ore to iron power. This future technology could assist humankind in its final frontier, where we might be entirely separated from our current supply chain,” the company explains on its website.

To stay true to its mission, the manufacturer has collaborated with Toyota Motor Corporation (TOYOTA) to develop a new method for aluminum recycling that will reduce CO2 emissions. SUN METALON explains that verification experiments have confirmed the new process contributes not only to reduced CO2 emissions but also to improved safety and quality compared to the conventional aluminum recycling processes. TOYOTA has already purchased equipment manufactured by SUN METALON and has begun verification testing of the new process.

What do we know about Sun Metalon’s metal AM technology?

In reality, the company keeps a bit of mystery around its development. So far, we know that the machine would have a 150 x 150 x 400 mm build size and would deliver a method of heating an entire layer at once. Other metal 3D printing machines enable to trace the laser around the build surface on each layer.

If it works well, SUN METALON’s concept could enhance the production speed of manufacturing, decreasing this way costs and enabling applications in several industries.

SUN METALON and TOYOTA will work jointly to develop the technology to be ready for mass production including the improvement of grade stability and equipment durability. In order to implement this technology in society and to accelerate the development, both companies are looking for partners who share the same vision and will work together to promote the future development. With that vision in mind the two companies intend to build an even stronger development system that will help interested companies collaborate in this effort, the company says in a press communication.

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