Wematter unveils entry-level SLS 3D printer – with a 63% lower price compared to the company’s previous offer

Named Gravity Essential and Gravity Essential+, these SLS 3D printers are stripped-down and somewhat simplified versions of the Enterprise system.

Sweden-based SLS 3D printer manufacturer Wematter has announced a significant price reduction to its flagship product, the Gravity, so that it can meet the need for an entry-level model to SLS technology. The new 3D printers’ key highlights include:

  • Same performance as Wematter’s successful Gravity Enterprise
  • 300x300x150 mm in build volume which can be upgraded to 300x300x300 mm
  • 63% lower price compared to Wematter’s previous offer – € 59 000
  • The SLS 3D printer Gravity – Essential version. The same printer as Enterprise.
  • The Density powder cleaning station that cleans with high-pressure water.
  • Inertia powder collection unit for material recycling.
  • Deep Space software that enables remote control of the system. The advanced software also makes the whole system user-friendly and practical.

When comparing prices, one needs to be aware that all versions of Gravity are complete systems. That being said, Gravity Essential and Essential+ can easily be upgraded to Gravity Enterprise. It just requires a software update that can take place remotely, and Density to be equipped with compressed air.

The Essential version has a 150 mm lower height than the Enterprise, and thus a volume of 13.5 liters, which is still more than double what the closest competitors can display. That such a large print volume can fit into such a compact printer as Gravity is unique and is due to the fact that the printer has basically been designed to be handled in an office environment. It can be lifted with a simple pallet loader and easily passes through a standard indoor door, the company says.

As a reminder, all models of the Gravity SLS 3D printer system are CE marked and approved for use in normal premises. No three-phase current, no separate ventilation and no special connections are required. A couple of simple power cables to a 220 V socket and an ethernet cable is all that is required.

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