Every 3D printer has a limit in terms of how fine details it can print, typically set by its laser. With the upgraded Deep Space software, the new Gravity pushes these limits with a detail preservation algorithm.

Besides the improved quality of the prints, this will also save time for your design engineers. The new Gravity is also easier than ever to clean between each print-run, saving even more time.

A better thermal design of the processing chamber increases the printable volume by 20-30% depending on the material. This is greatly appreciated by customers who need a bigger print volume than the majority of the printers in the price range Gravity offers.

“An important part of my vision for Gravity has been to create an SLS 3D printer that is as natural to use in the office as your printer for paper. With these new improvements, I think we are more or less there”, says founder and CEO Robert Kniola of Wematter.  

Some of the new features in Gravity 2022 Mk II

  • Improved water cooling system – it is now more granular, cooling exactly what needs cooling. 
  • New protective window eliminates some time-consuming cleaning steps between print runs.
  • Build preview replaces Slicing, which simplifies and speeds up the placement of your 3D prints in the available print volume. 
  • Support integration – all support tickets handled via Deep Space
  • Improved detail preservation algorithm that automizes several parameters that previously only an experienced SLS 3D print operator would have known.
  • Improved thermal design – Deep Space can now handle heat in a better way, leading to more predictable results
  • OTA and a complete service panel enable service technicians to monitor and control everything in Gravity remotely, without separate tools or software.
  • The list of materials that Gravity can print keeps on growing, bringing it to 18 versions of 6 different materials.

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