WASP launches robotic arms integrated 3D printer and the WASP App at Formnext

EN: This year at Formnext, WASP unveiled CEREBRO system which integrates robotic arms into 3D printers, the new pellet extrusion system METAMORFOSI and the ceramic 3D modeling WASP app. Image Credits: WASP FR: Cette année, à Formnext, WASP a dévoilé le système CEREBRO qui intègre des bras robotiques dans les imprimantes 3D, le nouveau système d'extrusion de pellets METAMORFOSI et l'application WASP de modélisation 3D en céramique. Crédits image : WASP

Italian 3D printer maker  WASP- World’s Advanced Saving Project took Formnext by storm with their new range of 3D printing technologies which stresses on sustainability and accessibility, keeping up with the theme of the Frankfurt event. 

The Italian company showcased new advancements in the Liquid Deposition Modelling (LDM) and Fused Granulate Fabrication (FGF) 3D printing. This included products like CEREBRO – an integration of robotic arms and WASP extruders, METAMORFOSI – a multi-material pellet extrusion system and the  WASP App – software for customized serial production. 

CEREBRO System integrated 3D printers

Through the CEREBRO system, WASP has transformed robotic arms into a 3D printer compliant with  Industry 4.0. The system is integrated with WASP extruders and printing tools to produce 3D-printed parts. There are many combinations of using the robot arms and WASP extrusion technologies including the FIRECAP heated chamber and the Vacuum Buildplate System which allows the use of different types of printing planes compatible with different 3D printing materials. 

New pellet extrusion system

This year at Formnext, WASP displayed a new multi-material pellet extrusion system building on the success of the large scale pellet 3D printer they launched 8 years ago. METAMORFOSI with WASP High Definition Pellet (HDP) can control and modify the position, quantity and properties of the 3D printing material at different points in the 3D printing process. This helps to make the AM parts stiffer in some areas and flexible in others based on the needs of the industry. 

CEREBRO makes it possible to use WASP HDP XL METAMORFOSI on any robotic arm or 3D printer. This was displayed at Formnext, where WASP and Sekisai created a 3D printed part using  METAMORFOSI and 3MT HDP. 

The WASP App 

On the software front, WASP launched the WASP App building on the success of the Vase Generator developed by Tommaso Casucci in 2014 for specialized ceramic 3D printing modeling and the successive development of parametric 3D modeling software, created to enhance clay 3D printing.  The new app transitions from prototyping to mass production of ceramic 3D printed parts by customized serial production. The AM industry manufacturers can set the shape, dimensions, texture and slicing settings according to their needs to make their own ceramic 3D printed parts. 

The combination of WASP 40100 LDM, Continuous Feeding System, and Automated Production System can lead to 24/7 customized serial production where the G-code export mode enables countless number of copies production. 

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