PicFun Inc just released a pretty fun coloring app already available on Google Play and iTunes for the Android and iOS users: Voxel – 3D Color by Number. Such as its names indicates, the app will enable its users to color by touching a number.

According to PicFun, “Voxel 3D Color by Number is a fun app, which is designed for adults as well as children but it takes the coloring by number experience to the whole new level by turning the coloring pages into 3D.”

Furthermore, another cool experience is the time-lapse video of the whole coloring process generated by the app, which can be shared with friends and family on the social media.

What about the features?

According to the company, the app is easy and quick to use. Users can choose from a wide range of 3D templates and colors while using the app. Colors can be filled by simply following the number and users can rotate their screen to color in different dimensions.

It is not usual to bring out the emotional benefits an app can arouse. Nevertheless, Voxel – 3D Color by Number, would be an excellent tool for stress relief without any medication. While reviewing the app, one of the users, who works in the sector of clinical psychology said: “coloring is a stress-relief therapy and 3D coloring will give you more sense of achievements.”

Last, the app can be helpful at an educational level and help both children and adults in learning and differentiating between different colors.

Coloring lovers from around the world can get this app by subscribing it under very reasonable weekly, monthly and annual plans.

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