XYZprinting is one of the rare manufacturers that develop a wide range of 3D printing technologies for both the consumer and industrial 3D printing markets.

Since its entrance into the 3D printing market, the subsidiary of New Kinpo Group, impresses with the capabilities of its technologies. The manufacturer is committed to delivering both affordable and quality products.

At Formnext, the company showcased several 3D printers, that range from FFF 3D printers to SLS 3D printers. However, one that left us speechless was the new DLP technology-based 3D printer.

Why spending time in long hours of prototyping when you can have a single part in 20 minutes?

Named PartPro120 xP, the device integrates a build volume of 114 x 64 x 100mm while delivering prototypes with great accuracy. We would have not believed it if we had just read it in a press release but a live demonstration of the device’s printing capabilities showed a technology that can print one vertical inch every five minutes, and 100mm of build height within 20 minutes. With an XY resolution of 60 microns and a layer thickness from 25-100 microns, we have witnessed the production of a jewel (prototype) in just 15 minutes.

Moreover, users can leverage the printer’s capabilities in the language of their choice and benefit from the five-inch colour touch panel.

The printer is already available for commercialization throughout XYZprinting’s network of partner resellers at the recommended price of $USD8990.

Also showcased on the show…

Also showcased on the show: a FFF wide format printer, named MfgPro1000 xT. Compatible with engineered-grade polymers, the 3D printer integrates a build volume of 1000 x 500 x 500mm as well as a 70-degree Celsius heated isolation chamber. Ideal for industrial applications, the system enables large-build rapid prototyping during initial production, all while ensuring a cost-effective operation.

Other 3D Printers displayed on the company’s booth include: da Vinci Jr. Pro X+, da Vinci Color AiO, da Vinci Super, PartPro100 xP, PartPro150 xP, PartPro300 xT, PartPro 350 xBC, MfgPro1000 xT, MfgPro230 xS, as well as EeezCure/MultiCure180.

Fernando Hernandez, EMEA MD of XYZprinting said: “We recognise the role innovative technology can play in helping improve the manufacturing options of engineers and professionals alike, with 3D printing leading the charge. There’s increasing demand for 3D that can deliver fast speed, high resolution and superior detail all in one product, and that’s what we are now bringing to the market with the PartPro120 xP. We are delighted to be unveiling our latest product at Formnext 2019 and pleased to be playing a part in helping boost the value of 3D printing in today’s manufacturing market as a whole.”

In the Video interview below, Fernando Hernandez discusses the company’s move towards industrial additive manufacturing and the next steps for the company in the additive manufacturing:

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