Siemens Mobility is currently involved in a 30-year digital rail maintenance project.  The technology company recently won a  business that consists in building 13 additional high-speed Velaro trains for Russian train company, RZD. The agreement also includes the maintenance and service of trains for the next 30 years.

Following the successful production of parts for the German and UK rail industries, Siemens further invests in Stratasys 3D printing to support the development of the project in Russia.

Already installed in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the two Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D Printers enable he team to produce 3D print rail replacement parts on-demand.

More than a simple purchase of 3D printers, the launch of a new service

More than a simple purchase of 3D printers, this investment marks the start of Siemens Mobility’s ‘Easy Sparovation Part’ network in Russia, which aims to optimize services using 3D printing and a digital inventory of original train parts, facilitating this way, the in-house replacement and production of spare vehicle components.

Dedicated to servicing the existing 16 and additional 13 planned trains for the next 30 years, Siemens Mobility Russia is working with more than 99% fleet availability record.

These availability figures would be physically impossible to achieve through external part sourcing and traditional manufacturing techniques alone, but Stratasys’ FDM 3D printers gives us the capability to cost-effectively produce the parts in-house, partially eliminating the need for warehousing or tools for a selected range of items,” said Alexey Fedoseev, Head of Customer Services, Siemens Mobility Russia. We have already seen the success of the Siemens Mobility ‘Easy Sparovation Part’ business in Germany, where this technology has provided us time-per-part savings of up to 95% compared to traditional manufacturing methods.”

By storing all part data online, Siemens Mobility can access and replace older or newer train parts ad-hoc to meet stringent time limits.

The manufacture and delivery of an additional 13 new Velaro trains will see us work on multiple vehicles over a long period of time, and within very strict time constraints. As a result, 3D printing makes for a perfect add-on to aid our production and provides us with the flexibility to replace and create parts ourselves, anytime they are needed,” adds Fedoseev.

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