Last year, Martijn Joris, founder of Twikit, Belgian company that specializes in customization of 3D Printed products and digital products, explained that automotive was the most demanding sector while looking at the company’s turnover as well as its activities. To this sector, the company mainly provides software solutions.

Today, Twikit marks a milestone in this offering. Indeed, BMW Group now exploits Twikit 3D printing software to customize accessories of its cars, especially the Mini, whose service “Mini Yours Customised” has been unveiled last year.

Twikit software solutions enable companies to personalize products on a large scale. As a reminder, once the end user has chosen the car accessories he/she wants to customize, he/she turned it into 3D and the digital files are thereafter automatically taken to the production facility, which can then deliver thousands of unique products at a fast pace.

One advantage this software provides is the possibility to bring together various technologies such as 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting and other digital production techniques in one smooth production process.

However, Twikit keeps exploring other industries where 3D printing can be applied. According to co-founder Gijs Hoppenbrouwers, Twikit technology was a bull’s eye right from the start. Since its foundation, we have been working with major players in various industries. Innovative players in the medical industry can now use our technology to make prostheses and orthoses on a large scale quickly. Customization for a mass audience is also perfectly possible for jewellery, furniture, windows and doors, electronics, … Companies discover that they can personalize products with modern, high-tech production techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting, tailored to each individual customer.”

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