Titan enters Hybrid Manufacturing Segment with new Atlas-HS system

Known for the manufacture of large format 3D printers with pellet extrusion technology, Titan Robotics has decided to explore “Hybrid Manufacturing” a segment that requires the combination of additive and subtractive capabilities within the same platform.

Named Atlas-HS, the new machine that the manufacturer incorporates its pellet extrusion system with a 3-axis milling system, which enables the machining of 3D printed parts both during and after the printing process.

With reduced production cycles, the new system integrates a heated chamber that can process high-performance polymers including CF-PEI, GF-PEKK and Nylon to name a few materials.

Print volumes vary from 42”X x 42”Y x 44”Z to 50” X x 50”Y x 72”Z (from 107 cm x 107 cm x 12 cm to 127 cm x 127 cm x 183 cm) and custom size options are available. The Atlas-HS gives industrial customers ultimate flexibility, with a spindle and the option to incorporate both Titan’s pellet and filament extruders on the same gantry.

As part of Titan’s mission to enable adoption of additive manufacturing in industrial production, we are continuing to provide new and innovative solutions for our customers with the launch of the Atlas-HS. As the industry leader in pellet extrusion, the Atlas-HS broadens the capabilities for our customers to utilize our multi-head systems in new applications,” said Rahul Kasat, Titan Robotics Partner and CEO.

With the ability to produce end use parts, patterns, molds, tools, jigs and fixtures, the new system comes in line with the company’s mission to enable the adoption of AM into industrial production.

Parts can be printed quickly using Titan’s high-deposition pellet extrusion system and printing near-net shapes. Then, additional time savings are achieved by the ability to machine in-situ or after printing without having to remove or re-calibrate the part on another machine. Cost savings are achieved by reducing capital expenditures with a single machine incorporating two processes and by utilizing pellet feedstocks, which can cost up to 10X less than traditional filament feedstocks.

The Atlas-HS utilizes Titan’s proven, industrial 3-axis design with a welded steel frame. Industrial features unique to the Atlas-HS include a chip collection system, an available tool changer with a capacity of up to six tools, spindle sizes up to ¼” in diameter and up to 4” in tool length and tool calibration sensors available.

Like all of Titan’s Atlas models and systems, the Atlas-HS utilizes an industrial CNC motion control system with servos on all axes and the ability to incorporate customized features including I/O sensors, air filtration, material dryers and more.

We have designed the Atlas-HS in keeping with our core values of offering production-ready systems and customizable features. As with all our Atlas models, the Atlas-HS will be available with industrial and advanced features that customers can select to meet their needs and their end-use application, such as a tool changer with multiple tools available,” said Clay Guillory, Titan Robotics Founder and CSO.

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