Thermwood to conduct another live demo of its LSAM Additive Printer 510 Printing ideal for Molding and Tooling

Industry events often give you the opportunity to discover in-situ how machines operate. Live outdoor demonstrations also show that the machines are not harmful or do not pose a (great) risk to operators’ human health, as is the case with some manufacturing processes.

For manufacturer of Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Machines Thermwood, it has become a sort of tradition to enable visitors of trade shows to experience a live demo of its machines. CAMX 2022 – the composites and advanced materials industry event set to be held from October 18th to 20th in Anaheim, CA, USA – will make no exception.

As seen at Rapid + TCT 2022, visitors at CAMX will discover how the LSAM Additive Printer 510 performs using Airtech Advanced Materials Group Dahltram™ C-250 CF carbon fiber reinforced PC material.

Designed for high-temperature printing, including the production of autoclave aerospace tooling, the LSAM Additive Printer 510 features a single fixed gantry and a 5 × 10 ft. (152 cm x 304 cm) moving table with a 4 ft. (122 cm) maximum print height and a maximum temperature of 450°C. The manufacturing process comes standard with a single dryer hopper and several optional features. The latter include for instance dual dryer hoppers for applications that require to change materials regularly, the recently unveiled thermal sensor automation that automates the printing process for the highest quality layer-to-layer fusion.

Available in two table sizes, 5’x5’ (152 x 152 cm) and 5’x10’ (152 cm x 304 cm) – the 5’x10’ (152 cm x 304 cm) table being available in two configurations, 5’ wide with 10’ of front to back motion and 10’ wide with 5’ of front to back motion -, the choice of configuration depends on several factors, fitting it existing factory floor space is one factor.

The specially designed, highly rigid tab and slot, structural steel gantry also incorporates a fume extraction system that pulls print fumes through specially designed activated charcoal filters to remove them and “sweeten” the air. LSAM additive Printers use the exact same print head mechanism as all the other, including the largest LSAM Systems which means that they produce the same amazing print quality that has made LSAM the leader in large scale additive printing. They also use the same highly advanced Ultra 6 control with all its exclusive, patented print features and capability, the company says.

During the composites and advanced materials event, visitors will be able to discover through the live demo how a material that has been modified for use in composite tooling can be a great fit for large scale AM applications.

Several large scale tools applications from General Atomics, Airtech and Ascent Aerospace will also be on display at Booth #W2. LSAM Research Laboratory at Purdue ADDITIVE3D Software will be on display as well, with Purdue representatives on site for demonstrations.

Representatives of Europe-based companies should keep in mind that Thermwood machines can also be built to meet European CE standards.