This 7-inch screen is the Ruiz brothers’ project, Adafruit’s two electronics lovers. With an integrated battery, it can function with any HDMI device, which is technically the ideal configuration for the 3D printer host control.

Indeed, the need for a windows computer becomes real during the maintenance check by updating the firmware. The computer is therefore a solid alternative to a Pi Raspberry when running interfaces to 3D printers like Octoprint.
Its size makes it much more convenient when it is integrated into the printer and Windows software makes it easy to configure.

Origin and creation

The reality is that the 3D printed mini PC is an update of one of Adafruit’s designs, an American platform that promotes the learning of electronics and new technologies for makers of all ages and skill levels.
Advantages here are an easy assembly by snap fit nubs (as opposed to the screws in the former design) which make it possible to fix the cover on the casing.
A PowerBoost 1000c is used to ease circuit powerage supply which allows a simple recharging from the USB port on the side.
To reproduce this project, creators would therefore need Solder Iron + Solder, a silicone wire, a PLA filament and a 3D printer.
The Ruiz brothers provide a preparation guide allowing other makers to build their own PC.




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