Team Penske leveraged 3D printing for another racing car

Last month, we discovered how team Penske exploited Stratasys’ AM systems to manufacture prototypes and end-use parts for its IndyCar and NASCAR race cars. Stratasys renews its collaboration with the specialist in competitive motorsports, to transform its traditional manufacturing processes.

Team Penske’s 3D printing applications

Stratasys FDM additive manufacturing system, Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition, will be used for wind tunnel development, composite tooling, jigs and fixtures, engineering prototypes and race car components.

The potential of 3D printing will enable Team Penske to reduce iteration cycles between creation and manufacturing to enable added speed and flexibility. Furthermore, Stratasys recently took advantage of carbon fiber in the manufacturing of lightweight mirror housings. Team Penske will therefore benefit from this newest application.

At the heart of this fabrication is Carbon Fiber-filled Nylon 12, a material whose main characteristic is lightness.

Capitalizing on materials with high-impact resistance and stiffness, Team Penske better meets requirements of motorsport environments which focus on aerodynamic loads, vibration and mechanical stresses.

While others talk about additive manufacturing as a future vision, Stratasys is demonstrating adoption into mainstream production environments everyday. We’re delivering true industrial manufacturing solutions with unmatched levels of repeatability, reliability, and performance required for tooling and final part production. And this is being validated across industries with market leaders like Penske, Lockheed Martin, Audi and GKN Aerospace.”

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