Substance and CoreTechnologie improve surface design options for 3D Printing

Substance and CoreTechnologie are currently collaborating to improve surface design options for 3D Printing.

Developed by Adobe, Substance is a software solution for 3D digital materials. Known for its suite of software solutions, the past three years saw a specific highlight of 4D_Additive in CoreTechnologie’s portfolio.

As both companies enter a new collaboration, designers can now choose from over 5,000 different surfaces from Substance and project components onto 3D printing in no time at all.

With 3D printing, it is important that the CAD models sent to the printer are checked for their quality and, if necessary, closed, since only flawless solids are suitable for printing. The preparation of CAD models for 3D printing requires high accuracy in terms of topology, especially with textures, which have continuous surface transitions and must be watertight in order to avoid errors in the printing result. The strength of the 4D_Additive software is a quick quality analysis as well as an automatic and manual repair of the exact CAD models, which are read in from all common formats such as CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, CREO, NX as well as STEP and JT.

Combining virtual reality (VR) and 3D printing leads to more accurate workflow from digital to physical model

To combine VR and 3D Printing, the Substance Engine SDK’s functions have been integrated in 4D_Additive, which enables now an easy access to an advanced surface design of 3D printed components.

Not only designers can now take advantage of more than 5 000 predefined textures, but they can also create different variations of the object, experiment with variable high-end renderings, visualize them in real time and display the effects on the object.  

Since the 4D_Additive software’s approach is based on the exact CAD-Models, it allows for a direct visual inspection and guarantees a high level of accuracy.

Designers in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries as well as designers in all industries that need structural models with individual and new design surfaces are the ones who will benefit the most from the advantages of this collaboration.

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