Stratasys reveals two new Polyjet 3D Printing Solutions along with new software solutions for research and packaging prototyping.

rendering of a prototype achieved with the PolyJet™ Research Software Package - | FR: rendu d'un prototype réalisé avec le logiciel de recherche PolyJet™

With the ultimate goal of helping designers and engineers translate imagination into reality, Stratasys has added two PolyJet™ 3D printers, the Stratasys J35™ Pro and the Stratasys J55™ Prime, to its portfolio.

This announcement follows the recent release of the J5 MediJet Medical 3D Printer dedicated to dental 3D printing. However, it comes along with new software solutions for research and packaging prototyping.

PolyJet technology is one of the major technologies that Stratasys has been enhancing over the last decade, each 3D printer unveiled with this technology providing a new ability that the previous one does not provide.

What we will keep in mind from each 3D printer…

Through the J35 Pro, Stratasys wanted to provide its users with a multi-material production platform under the form of a desktop. The main production steps, the design and size of the 3D printer have been simplified to comply with an engineering and design office setting.

Stratasys – J35

Due to its multi-material capabilities – up to three materials that can be processed as single material parts or combined on the same model part, on the same tray -, the printer can achieve applications that include over-molding, filling simulation and printing in full grey scale.

Engineers and designers can not only see what the product will look like, but also test the functionality of it in the pre-production stage. The J35 Pro also offers a simple design-to-print workflow powered by GrabCAD Print™, allowing users to import their designs using native CAD files or 3MF file formats”, the 3D printer manufacturer explains.

The development of the J55 Prime on the other hand is based on the company’s J55™ 3D printer. Designed to help users explore several prototyping solutions, Stratasys bets here on the versatility of new materials to provide tactile, textual, sensory capabilities and most importantly, full colour.

They include for instance, Elastico™ Clear and Elastico™ Black for flexible, soft-touch printing that simulate the look, feel and function of rubber-like products. Digital ABS™ Ivory for designs such as molds, jigs, fixtures and functional prototypes; Vero™ContactClear, a translucent material designed for prolonged skin or bodily contact such as medical devices, sport wear, or wearables; as well as Ultra-opaque colors. Enabled by the VeroUltra™ family of materials, they introduce 2D level graphics and text, vibrant and accurate colors with better plastic simulation.

Software solutions for research and packaging prototyping

Through a new packaging software solution, the PolyJet technology expert wanted to address issues related to the production of complex, transparent, full-colour, high-fidelity packaging prototypes.

Using Stratasys PolyJet printing Designers can create complex, full-color packaging for a range of industries that accurately simulate final packaging

Not only does the new solution aim to simulate the exact final packaging, but it can also enable to print simulated glass bottles and add “labels” with sharp text and images that meet 2D graphics labeling standards.

Furthermore, according to Stratasys, “designers can incorporate simulated products or fillings, like cosmetics, makeup or liquids, for the ultimate in realistic rapid prototyping. Designers can now create packaging prototypes so real-looking, it’s hard to believe they’re not the real thing”.

The Packaging software solution will soon be available through GrabCAD Print and is compatible with Stratasys J8™ Prime, Stratasys J7 Series™ and Stratasys J55™ Prime 3D printers.

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