Stratasys expands its portfolio of resin 3D printing technologies with acquisition of RPS Ltd

Stratasys is making big strides in the resin 3D printing market by acquiring companies that provide unique resin-based proprietary technologies. After Origin, the 3D printing giant laid his eyes on UK-based RP Support Ltd. aka RPS Ltd, provider of industrial stereolithography 3D printers and solutions.

If you are a regular reader on 3D ADEPT Media, you certainly know that the company has recently developed the Neo SLA 3D Printer series, a line of 3D printers that aims to expand the range of applications operators usually achieve with SLA. The open resin systems are known for their dynamic laser beam technologywhich enables build accuracy, feature detail, and low variability across the full extent of a large build platform”.

So what now?

Like we will see with Origin, RPS Ltd will benefit from Stratasys’ go-to-market capabilities to expand the development and the commercialize of its Neo products onto the international scene. For now, we do not know if there will be a change in the management of the UK-based company.

From a technical point of view, it should be noted that the Industry 4.0-ready Neo systems work with Titanium™ control software that includes a camera, network connectivity, support remote diagnostics, and mid-build parameter customization. The printers can automatically email progress reports on jobs.

With Stratasys onboard, the team will integrate the now famous GrabCAD Print workflow software into future versions of the product.

As businesses accelerate their adoption of additive manufacturing, our goal is providing our global customers with the world’s best and most complete polymer 3D printing portfolio,” said Stratasys CEO Yoav Zeif. “We believe the Neo products are superior relative to other solutions currently available in the market due to an open choice in resins, low service requirements, and reliable and accurate builds with simple day-to-day operation. With access to our strong global channels and our innovative GrabCAD software, we will bring RPS’ innovative products to many more manufacturing organizations.”

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