Stoke Ventures, specialized in product launch services, announces the implementation of its latest venture, Stoke Med which aims to provide patient specific 3D prints for procedure demonstration, planning, and practice. The service will be available in the upcoming months.

The aim of Stoke Med is to provide surgeons physical models to analyze. If it can lead to more effective, less invasive, and cheaper care, models are also perfect for demonstrating to patients exactly what will happen on the day of surgery, explain post-surgical care and therapy, and provide recommendations for preventative care. These models can be applied in Orthopedic, Maxillofacial, Oncology, and Cardiac applications.

Example of a detailed and smooth patient specific 3D-printed model, used for orthopedic surgery.

Stratasys has already a certain experience in such domain. With BioMimics, the company provides 3D printed models of human anatomy to surgeons so that they can be better prepare for the theatre room.

In Belfast, surgeons used a 3D printed model of a kidney to carry out a complex transplant operation on a young mother. It was a premiere in the complete excision of a Bosniak 2F renal cyst from a donor kidney without the requirement of revision surgery.

The Stoke Med process

The Stoke Med process consists in uploading patient CT scan data, typically DICOM files, to their quote page. That data is then processed by isolating the area of interest and filtering for the appropriate tissue type, such as bone. After processing is complete, a printable file is created, and a smooth, accurate physical model can be 3D printed.

Speaking about this new venture, Stoke Med’s founder Andrew Lees, said: “our mission is to help surgeries become safer, more efficient, and cost effective for both health care providers and patients.”

For a limited time, Stoke Med is offering its first-time customers 50 percent off their first model.

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