3DWASH is an eco-friendly cleaning agent powder that can be used with most support material cleaning systems. Manufactured in Germany, the cleaning agent powder enables to remove alkali-soluble support materials such as used with Stratasys’ Fortus series.

The solution has been implemented by Traxer, the German 3D printing specialist. Traxer is the provider of solutions for the automotive OEM and their suppliers as well as other 3D printing professionals. The company also produces functional prototypes and special series as well as concept models and components in high production and material quality.


The development of 3DWASH aims to provide an excellent soluble time with a moderate PH value. Furthermore, fine model structures are to be preserved.

The cleaning agent powder is available in both user-friendly and safe-to-dose sachets and 2,88kg boxes for large users. The solution does not require the use of gloves, goggles or other personal protective equipment. Moreover, it can go down the drain with no additional dilution or neutralization.

Images via 3dwash.traxer.de

3DWASH is available in 9 languages and corresponding safety data sheets.


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