For a few years now, SprintRay is committed to bringing digital technologies to the dental world. Surprisingly, its 3D printers also happen to be efficient for other medical applications. To develop its new SprintRay Pro 3D printer line, the manufacturer implemented a fivefold approach.

Thanks to the feedback of various professionals of the dental industry (endodontists, hygienists, general practitioners and lab technicians), they identified key areas of improvement of their MoonRay line.

These areas of improvement are the build area, the speed, the user experience, the improvement of the design as well as the software.

As far as the latter is concerned, the company introduces a one-button scan repair and base tool. According to the CEO Amir Mansouri,this eliminates the need for 3rdparty software, allowing end-users to complete the entire workflow without leaving [their] software suite.” “Moreover, we’ve added a few handy tools, such as single-click support generator and model duplicators, in order to simplify the printing workflow. What’s more: as SprintRay Pro grows, so will its software. With years of new features and support ahead of it, we’ve got big plans for this already impressive package”, explained the CEO.

Given the fact that space is often limited in most dental practices, the manufacturer found it more convenient to integrate a constant-torque position control hinge for the cover. The latter enables SprintRay Pro to maintain its small form factor, even when the lid is lifted. “A magnetic locking mechanism secures the build platform, ensuring there is no mechanical wear and tear. The chassis is cast and machined for absolute dimensional accuracy and durability, a similar technique used for manufacturing high-performance engine blocks. The STEM Tank™ is built with optimal fluid dynamics, guiding the flow of resin under the platform”, one can read on the company’s blog.

Commercialization of the 3D Printers has not yet been announced.

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