SPEE3D’s technology is now part of FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s technologies

The original supersonic 3D deposition technology is now part of FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s technologies. As a reminder, the technology of SPEE3D was originally intended for military and repair applications. In this process, the powder is fired by a nozzle precisely onto a defined spot on a material carrier.

Light SPEE3D Parts – images credits: SPEE3D

The process of its technology can drive up to three times the speed of sound. Deposits powders are simultaneously injected into the nozzle onto a substrate that being moved by a six-axis robotic arm.

The German provider of rapid prototyping and production services uses additive design and manufacturing (“ADM”) in its production processes. The company explains that it finds interest in SP3D because of its production speed. Furthermore, the machine can be used with copper – something which has been very difficult to achieve economically with other technologies.

Before the end of the year, the machine will be installed and the teams will proceed to first tests. “We will focus on the functional performance of the components produced by this machine”, said Philip Emmerling, research engineer at FIT. “Our first tests were promising, but much work has to be done.”

Fifteen years ago, we moved from service bureau to additive manufacturing with Electron Beam Melting technology. Five years ago, we started to support our clients with additive design challenges – mostly with powder bed technologies. Now, new additive technologies and new players are emerging all the time. These need to be implemented on an industrial scale – independent from machine manufacturers – and we need to constantly scout the AM universe for new developments”, said Carl Fruth, founder and CEO of FIT AG.

Lastly, this announcement also demonstrates that the supersonic 3D deposition cannot only be applied in the oil and gas industries.

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