Somos®PerFORM HW, first DSM material to join Origin additive manufacturing production line

Origin – DSM

DSM & Origin to explore new applications for additive manufacturing materials

It has been made official two days ago. DSM and Origin signed a partnership to develop new materials for additive manufacturing.

DSM has a long experience in partnerships within the AM industry; The Company is continuously exploring new possibilities for materials used by additive manufacturing operators. Among its partnership, one can recall the partnership signed with Stratasys for its SLA technology or the recent one with Fortify.

Origin is a young San Francisco-based startup that started its journey by supplying 3D Printing services using open source printers at the beginning. Following an experience with one of the customers, the team created a platform called Open Additive Production, that combines open materials, extensible software, and modular hardware while giving customers the flexibility they need for each project.

DSM and Origin combine their respective expertise to optimize DSM’s unique photopolymer material for Origin’s ‘programmable photopolymerization’ (P3) technology. As a result, Somos®PerFORM HW will be the first DSM material to join the Origin line-up.

This material now compatible for Origin printer will enable the San Francisco team to perform applications that require strong, stiff, and high temperature resistant parts, such as aerodynamic modeling and potentially rapid tooling.

The quality and surface finish we’re seeing with Somos PerFORM HW on Origin’s P3 process are outstanding and unparalleled,” says Noud Steffens, Market Development Director Additive Manufacturing at DSM. “Origin provides an unprecedented degree of control so users can get consistent commercial-grade results using Somos PerFORM HW and soon other DSM materials.”

We’re excited that DSM is joining our open network of material partners and broadening the potential applications available to our users,” adds Chris Prucha, Origin’s CEO and co-founder. “DSM is the market leader in world class photopolymers with decades of experience developing unique photo-reactive chemistries. Together we are addressing today’s manufacturing challenges for customers.”

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