Solukon and Siemens to launch a depowdering system for Metal AM

During the manufacturing of parts using metal 3D printing, metal powder can be trapped in free designed components that integrate labyrinthine internal channels.  In order to facilitate the removal of material, therefore, to avoid losing metal powder that can be reused, Solukon and Siemens joined forces to manufacture a depowdering system for metal additive manufacturing.

Waste avoidance, a key issue in environmental topics

Dr. Christoph Kiener, Principal Scientist at Siemens, explained that “powder-free, high-quality AM parts, occupational health and safety, as well as environmental topics regarding waste avoidance and powder reuse are very important for [the electronics specialist] to process advanced designs in [their] post-processing activities”.

This vision of waste avoidance is shared by Solukon that specializes in the manufacturing of 3D printing systems and related peripheral equipment. The company also provides the market with a range of post-processing systems for additive manufacturing for both metal and plastic materials.

Called SFM-AT800S, the smart system integrates two servo-motorized and endless rotating axes. What differentiates this one from the standard version, SFM-AT800, is that the latter can move the part into any 3D position whereas the new axis system of the SFM-AT800S can move the part along any 3D contour, hence the cleaning of parts with intricate and conformational internal structures, such as cooling channels in injection molding tools.

Speaking about the new depowdering system and their collaboration with Siemens, Andreas Hartmann, co-founder and technical director of Solukon, said: “Siemens analyses additive manufacturing technologies from a holistic point of view and understands the digital requirements of the complete manufacturing chain, especially on a shop floor level. This expertise makes Siemens a perfect partner for advancing this new technology”.

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