In just 5 minutes, dental technology company Smilefy Inc. promises dental professionals to get a 3D mock-up design powered by AI. The solution that may enable you to get that mock-up on your Iphone, Ipad, or Mac is called Smilefy 4.0.

This “3D Smile Design powered by AI” is timely as most professionals continue to explore the possibilities of AI for their activities. According to the company, integrating AI into daily dental operations is not a glimpse into the future but a present reality. Smilefy 4.0 embodies this shift, enhancing workflow efficiency and yielding considerable time and cost savings for dental practices.

The technology at the heart of Smilefy 4.0 is Smilefy AI. It helps automate the process of 3D smile design, offering precision and adaptability based on selected treatment options.

Smilefy 4.0 would also help to overcome a few technological constraints already observed with existing processes: in addition to rapid automated 3D mock-ups, the solution would help eliminate lab expenses by generating 3D print-ready models for mock-ups, shells, composite veneers, and temps with Smilefy’s digital solutions chairside. Not to mention that these designs can be instantly 3D printed or used as digital presentations for a modern patient experience.

Smilefy 4.0 isn’t just a technological advancement; it’s a paradigm shift in dental aesthetic practices. By bringing AI technology with a user-friendly platform, Smilefy 4.0 is set to enhance practice efficiency, treatment outcome accuracy, and patient satisfaction worldwide, and it is accessible to every dental professional, the company concludes.

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