SINTERIT and designer Bartłomiej Gaczorek 3D print exoskeleton arm for kids with SMA


Sinterit, first producer of desktop SLS 3D printer teams up with with 3D designer Bartłomiej Gaczorek to give children with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) the possibility to use their hands by creating an exoskeleton arm.

SMA is a neuromuscular disease that affects nerves, thus prevents the proper functioning of muscles. Children could face progressive muscle wasting, loss of mobility and motor function.

The challenging solution

The exoskeleton arm enables those kids to do what they love the most: move their hands, draw and play.

Designed by by Bartłomiej Gaczorek from Crystal Cave Sp. z o.o, the ready-to-use exoskeleton arm has been created with 3D SLS printing technique.

3D printing allows to significantly shorten the time of the designing, testing and developing the stages of exoskeleton arm for kids. SLS 3D printing allows to preserve the required precision which is designed to work with the bearings in exoskeletons. The prime thing was the usability and feeling connected with the using of the device by a disabled child.”


As  Bartłomiej Gaczorek said, “I decided to print main elements in SLS technology, because it is able to print complex internal structure. Very important factor for me is also the comfort of user which is much better with SLS/SLA than with FDM technology. The cost of Sinterit Lisa SLS printing is already very low compared to other industrial machines and the quality is perfect – that’s why I chose that printer.

The Sinterit Lisa 3D printer. Photo via Sinterit


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